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What people say about NatureVolve 

"It's an amazing magazine, provides me vast knowledge and guidance to know more about nature and science. I recommend, subscribe immediately and be a companion of wisdom throughout your life.""  

- Prigith

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We are open and inclusive, welcoming researchers, students and creatives to contribute to any of the following sections:





Written Word

Sharing science

Incorporating art

With the planet

NatureVolve is a free digital magazine that shares the ideas of scientists and artists. 

Science articles and virtual art exhibitions are shared on our platform, all to appreciate our planet - Earth.

Our community sees a key connection between science and art, as creativity boosts science communication.


Since the two subjects diverged apart in modern times, we aim to bridge them through the common theme of nature. We do this by sharing the ideas and projects of creative thinkers in both areas with the public and our global community.

Disseminating science with society

Scientists and researchers are under ever increasing pressure to publish and be understood, just as much as the public needs science to be communicated the right way. That is why we share the work of scientists in an engaging, relatable way with wider international audiences. This widens the pool of readers who may discover and comprehend niche research and published studies. 

Open-access science

NatureVolve magazine is free to read! We contribute to open-access publishing, so that information can be freely shared with wider public groups, including under-represented communities.

For wider impact, the magazine is distributed across the globe to subscribers, online users and institutions.

Supporting artists and SciArt

We have a section specialising in Science Communication (Scicomm) sharing the projects of those focused on breaking communication gaps between the sciences and the public. 

Our Art and Written Word sections give creatives a platform to share their inspirations from nature. Widening their reach this way, so more can enjoy their creations and ideas, challenges the conventional arts industries which can otherwise be highly-selective, closed and non-inclusive.