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What people say about NatureVolve 

"It's an amazing magazine, provides me vast knowledge and guidance to know more about nature and science. I recommend, subscribe immediately and be a companion of wisdom throughout your life." 

- Prigith Joseph @JosephPrigith

"In these extremely precarious times a dialogue between the Arts and Sciences is critical, and why I was delighted that NatureVolve requested an interview. As a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinion NatureVolve is fundamental"  

- Drew Mulholland @mulhollandrew

"NatureVolve is an immersive, engaging publication blurring the boundaries between science and art. The combination of insightful articles, artwork, and literature creates a multidisciplinary community which is essential for bringing the wonders of the natural world to the public."

Seeking Science @seekingsci

"I'm amazed at the first issue of NatureVolve.

I expected the first issue to be thin on content.

That wasn't the case at all. After all, it takes time to build that editorial momentum. Well done."

Blue Streak Science Podcast @BlueStreakSci

"Definitely worth subscribing. Just read the first issue; full of interesting science stories and artwork.

And it is free so who can complain!"

- Sifar Mogwai @MogwaiSifar

"NaturVolve is a wonderful online magazine that allows scientists the opportunity to communicate with creativity. I highly recommend that others work with NaturEvolve to promote their science and ideas, it's fun and easy!" 

- Kerry McPherson,


"Every issue of the NatureVolve magazine is packed with an exciting combination of science and art, an unusual duo in modern times which they unite beautifully through the power of nature."

Jacob McAtear, Lake District Nature Writing

"I really enjoyed being interviewed for NatureVolve as the questions were well thought off and the article was prepared very quickly and looked great. - I would do this again at any time.”

- J. Gruenwald (Journal of Technological and Space Plasmas,Gruenwald Laboratories).

“NatureVolve is a wide-ranging and inspiring fusion of arts and sciences, allowing for the awe and beauty of each of these fields – and the spaces where they meet – to be showcased in a timely and accessible publication. It is a welcome addition to the sci-art community.”

- Dr. Richard Roche, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor,  Maynooth University.

I was delighted to see a beautifully designed feature on my upcoming novel, "A Diary in the Age of Water", in Issue 4 of NatureVolve. As scientist and author, I appreciate the dedication behind this comprehensive magazine, which seamlessly navigates hard science with conservation, health, sociology and the arts as well as the written word--where my book was featured. NatureVolve doesn't just give you "what"; it gives you "why" and "how"--all critical to understanding and acting responsibly in our world.

- Nina Munteanu, (ecologist & author

"NatureVolve is an exciting social innovation platform fusing Art and Science to produce a holistic and transformational effect.”

- Dr. Mohan K. Bavirisetty   

It’s been a true honor being featured in NatureVolve. This new and exciting publication is really at the cutting edge of art and science research, and the stories and features showcase innovation and creativity. Sharing these stories provides educational value to readers, and working with the editor was such a smooth and professional process. Highly recommended.

-Gilbert Michaud, Ohio University, USA

"NatureVolve provides a wonderful opportunity to bring artists, scientists and rest of the society together on one platform. Aesthetically and articulately compiled by it's editor. It was a pleasure to be interviewed on my research work." 

- Abhishek Upadhyay, Doctoral Researcher @ Humboldt University of Berlin,

I have always been involved with nature and often turn to it for subject matter. The Art and Science movement has given me a heightened interest in exploring how to represent the visible and invisible forces in nature. NatureVolve has given me platform to showcase this interest and what a great publishcation. It’s an honor to be featured on the cover as well my feature inside. 

- Scott McIntire

It was an absolute pleasure working with Clarissa and NatureVolve on coverage about the challenge of plastic pollution!  The Henderson Island Plastic Pollution Expedition team truly appreciates the blog and magazine coverage about our efforts to solve marine litter at the “root cause” of the problem.  


– Brett Howell, Founder, Howell Conservation Fund and U.S. Conservationist (

Combining the mystery of science and delicateness of art in such a sound magazine is a state of the art idea.

- Mohammad Naisipour, PhD Candidate - R&D Coordinator at Concrete & Soil Mechanics Laboratory of National Iranian Oil Company-NISOC.

"I started to subscribe to NatureVolve, because I was impressed by the positive and dynamic nature of the content of the magazine. In a world where our media can often be quite dark and heavy, it was very nice to read something positive and dynamic, I will be keeping an eye out for future issues."

- Alexander Minton, @alexanderminto

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