Who we are

NatureVolve is a worldwide community - all members and readers are in our team,

however, our core team is at the center of operations, shown below.

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Clarissa Wright

Chief Science Writer and Editor

As a science journalist, Clarissa has written for leading media such as Frontiers Science News, BioMed Central, Marine Professional, Meteored, Innovation Observatory, The Daily Life Magazine and more. She has copyedited science research for ENAGO and Cactus Communications.

She began her publishing career in London years ago, as an Assistant Editor at Springer Nature, bringing with her additional academic publishing experience at open access publisher Frontiers as an Editor Outreach Specialist.

At NatureVolve, she is passionate about bringing key insights of researchers and artistic concepts to life through the digital magazine and blog.

In her spare time, she is also an artist who paints and creatively writes stories, while enjoying getting out into the open countryside the UK has to offer.

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Greg Kecskes

Tech Lead

Greg Kecskes is the Tech Lead at NatureVolve, solving technical issues and contributing to innovations that support NatureVolve's worldwide community, and for the wider engagement of global audiences in the digital magazine and blog.

His puppy Gimli is his Office Assistant helping with shredding and fetching the mail.

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Gary Roberts


Gary Roberts is an Associate of NatureVolve who supports the development of the platform. Gary is the Founder and Director of EarthWild Partnership, an innovative, creative communications, sustainability and management company. Safeguarding our natural world, the conservation of our global biodiversity and climate-change mitigation are at the heart of Earthwild's philosophy.

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