Writing and editing for public engagement and impact

Having a custom written press release about your research publication, project or field of study can raise awareness about your subject of study and educate the wider public. 


Written in an engaging, and understandable style for a wider public audience, a press release can boost research impact.

We can provide a press release for your own use and distribution to media outlets as you wish, with guarenteed publication in NatureVolve and a wide international readership (following scope approval).



Experienced in writing articles for science engagement across the broad spectrum of STEM subjects, examples of our previous press releases are listed below:

Theme: Psychiatry and psychology

Finding the root of anti-social behaviour in children

Facebook and mental health - Psychology study sheds light on what could make Facebook use unhealthy

What clinicians can learn from the parents of self-harming youth

Psychedelics in treatment: from stigma to revolution

Engineering and chemistry

New tool predicts the mixing of fluids underground, benefitting Oil & Gas and Environmental industries


Medical science

How medical devices are harmonising with nature

Making medical wearable devices safer, with spider silk and nature

Field study

Expedition team embark to world’s most plastic polluted island

Searching for endemic plants across Oman's central desert, for Oman Botanic Garden

We can also copyedit press articles and scientific manuscripts for English language clarity while retaining scientific accuracy.

An English copyedit improves the chances of favourable journal submission outcomes. Reviewers and editorial decision makers may often turn away from manuscripts that lack English clarity and flow.

To discuss your project with us further and see how we can help, feel free to get in touch via the form below. 

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