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Links, affiliations and resources

Links to science, scicomm, sciart, conservation and nature-inspired art resources.

We have collected some gems to share with you below, including resources that can benefit our readers and also those who are part of our community.

Science communication and conservation resources

Check out these great projects and initiatives below!

SciArt Collaborations between the Arts & Sciences making the secrets of the world we live in more intelligible to the human imagination. A growing community of creative people, including Artists and Scientists. We aim to build accessible, friendly, and open-minded platforms in order to foster and promote collaborations between artists and scientists.

We are an incubator that provides support to scholars and social entrepreneurs around the world to accelerate the building of high impact civic science tools. See our website for fellowship, internship or sponsorship opportunities!

Rainforest Trust allocates 100% of donations to conservation action by buying precious rainforests.

An innovative, creative communications, sustainability and management consultancy designed to provide a diverse portfolio of tailored services to companies, businesses, social enterprises, charities and other organisations through these consultancy divisions.

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