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Dr. Hassen Jaafar received his engineer diploma in 2005 from the University of Tunis El Manar (Tunisia) and his MSc from the University of Strasbourg in 2006. He joined Dr Mandon’s group and obtained his PhD in 2010. He has got a postdoctoral fellowship from the Region Bretagne in the Laboratoire d’Organometalliques et de Catalyse in Rennes where he developped his research on structure/function relationships in iron-containing coordination complexes. Back in Tunisia in 2012, he joined the Institut National de Recherche et d’Analyses Physico-chimique as Assistant-Professor in the Laboratoire des Matériaux Utiles. His research interest focus on Intermetallics Materials for Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries and Hydrogen Storage. He is actually serving as Regular Reviewer for many peer-reviewed and indexed journals.