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Space Dynamics Lab to Support Newest NASA Energy Measurement Mission

The Space Dynamics Laboratory at Utah State University announced that it has been awarded a contract to support NASA’s new space-based instrument to continue the agency’s key climate record. The contract value was not disclosed.

Under the leadership of Principal Investigator Dr. Peter Pilewskie from the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder, the new instrument, named Libera, will be built to continue the 40-year data record of the balance between the solar radiation entering Earth’s atmosphere and the amount absorbed, reflected, and emitted.

For decades, SDL has developed extensive environmental testing and validation capabilities for space, airborne, and miniaturized systems. This March 26 photo captures one of several chambers used at SDL for testing and calibration. (Credit: Allison Bills/Space Dynamics Laboratory)

“SDL is honored to work with Dr. Pilewskie, his team at LASP, and NASA’s Earth Science Division to provide essential ground calibration validation for the Libera flight payload, which will ensure the success of this vital, state-of-the-art science instrument,” said Alan Thurgood, SDL’s director of civil space. “SDL’s efforts for Libera continue our valued relationship with LASP supporting its mission to maintain and improve the capability to pursue key sc