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Now Is The Time To Rewild Earth & Rewild Humanity: To Repair Our Climate

Watching the pure joy, excitement and look of awe on the faces of several children as eighty striped dolphins rode the surf generated from our ferry’s voyage toward Santander, Spain – for me, perfectly demonstrated the importance of nature for our wellbeing. Their curiosity of the natural world is truly wonderful to behold.

Whether it’s holding caterpillars in their hands, rolling in leaf-litter or digging earth to plant their first tree, whenever I’ve enjoyed times in nature with children and young people it always raises my spirits with hope for the future of our natural world.

Nature Health Therapy

Nature is widely recognised as excellent therapy and tonic for our health and wellbeing. Health services, doctors, teachers, mental health and wildlife charities, all increasingly value the importance of our connections to and relationship with nature. As an advocate of the many benefits nature provides – for our happiness, feeling invigorated and re-energised – it greatly concerns me that many people seem increasingly disconnected from our natural world.