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NatureVolve issue 8 now released!

We are pleased to announce the release of NatureVolve issue 8 - packed with amazing insights from researchers, professionals, artists and writers.

In issue 8 we have a special focus on the state of the brain and mind as well as the marine environment. Yet, there is so much more packed in. The issue features amazing medical illustrations, mathematical artwork, unique mental health awareness projects, fascinating neuroscience research, insights into marine life and more.

See what is in store in the full copy of issue 8 available exclusively on

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We would like to thank all contributors to this issue for sharing their experiences, insights and amazing creations in this issue.

Get the free Highlights version

For shorter reading without downloading anything you can view the Highlights version of issue 8 on - you may share this link with friends too!

For access to more Highlights magazine issues in future, join the mailing list at

Feel free to spread the word about this release and tag @naturevolve on social media.

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