NatureVolve issue 7 now released!

We are pleased to announce the release of NatureVolve issue 7 - creatively communicating concepts in both the sciences and arts. Many stories here have been sculpted by the adversities of 2020 and the challenges faced during the pandemic.

Diving into issue 7, we look into the coronavirus pandemic, science inspired crafts and marine conservation. Exploring how education and research adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic, researchers and creatives share their own perspectives from this year.

Interviews share ideas on how education and research could adapt, and the challenges faced by those living alone during the pandemic, behind closed doors.

With a special marine conservation theme, we also have fascinating facts to present about the nautilus and narwhals as they face a threat to their conservation.

Researchers and artists alike have immersed themselves in their craft during lockdowns this year. Here you can check out ‘brainy’ fiber art, vivid biology illustrations, plus Dinosaurcomics, where you can follow an enclosed worksheet to try out paleoart!

How to access the issue

The full issue can be downloaded at PressReader via the link here:

If you would like a taster of the issue, you can get a free preview of article Highlights and updates as soon as new issues are released by joining the mailing list at

Please support our mission to bridge science and art by sharing the news of issue 7's release with your friends!

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