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Gammas Art Gallery answers: What is Thangka art?

In Tibetan Buddhist culture, Thangka art is considered both an ultimate cultural symbol and a visual manifestation of the life of Buddha and his various teachings. Thangkas bring together the ancient philosophies of non-violence, meditation, and inner peace. This is exactly what Iraklis Gatenadze aims to explore through Gammas, an exclusive Tibetan art gallery. The core belief of Gammas is that art has the power to transform the world for the better.

Above: Art piece from the collection of Gammas, showing a Buddhist deity in the centre of 1m x 1m mantra mandala. © Gammas Art Gallery.

Situated in the heart of Central London, Berkeley Square, Gammas opens a portal to the vast cultural beauty of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and Northern India. The artworks have existed for thousands of years, holding unparalleled historical and spiritual significance. Buddhists believe that Thangkas are energetically charged and have the ability to implement positive change; it is a spiritual medium as well as a protective tool. The process of creating the art is as fundamentally important as the outcome of the work itself. Each sacred image is made through painting but also various unique materials, including precious and semi-precious natural minerals and plant materials. The works are also devoid of ego – many Thangka artists decline to sign their names on their creations, with the intention of maintaining purity and positive energy. These techniques result in a visual spectacle filled with philosophical meaning.

The gallery is committed to presenting the most authentic art from across these cultures. The team source the works from the Himalayas, traveling through the mountainous area to discover hidden gems of art. Through visiting hundreds of temples and private art dealers, Gatenadze and his team have identified the highest quality of Tibetan art – and are bringing this to London and the rest of the world, both online and in person. Gatenadze believes that this artwork deserves to be shared globally, and has long been sidelined in the greater art community. Gammas is one-of-a-kind in this respect.

Gammas’ partners are carefully selected: those who we share ethical values with, in addition to a mutual appreciation of traditional art. The suppliers often work with various charity organisations in order to contribute to change in the region. Any purchase made through the gallery will have a palpable and positive impact.

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