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California wildfires burn ancient redwoods in 'state disaster'

A disaster was recently declared by Trump in California, due to spreading wildfires that destroyed homes, buildings, and hundreds of protected redwood trees in the state's oldest park.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park encompasses 3800 acres, having started as a nature reserve since 1902. It now features campsites and trekking routes - proving popular to visitors commuting about an hour from Silicon Valley.

Despite their reddish barks containing tannins that promote fire resistance, it hasn't been enough in the face of the California fires, with tree trunks burned out from their core. Dramatic images show the striking way in which the redwoods seem to burn from within.🔥

Haunting images show the results of this phenomena:

Redwoods are a type of coniferous tree that are known for being among the largest and oldest on Earth. They have become increasingly threatened by the effects of logging and climate change. For these reasons combined, they are often protected in national parks and nature reserves, like Big Basin