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NatureVolve issue 6 - now released!

We are pleased to announce the release of NatureVolve issue 6 - sharing the ideas of researchers and creatives inspired by nature.

This is the first NatureVolve issue now available in both digital and print form!

How to access the Highlights

A free version of the issue (Highlights) is available at and for online reading on Issuu.

Access the full issue

To read more content and access the complete version, issue 6 in full is available for download online and in print (in the UK, USA and beyond). There is also the option to access the full issue, as all future issues, by join one-time as a lifetime member!

What is in store

With current global issues in mind, we take a special look at medical science, where researchers explore solutions to pervading problems. In conservation, we explore the value of preserving carbon-sucking, artifact-preserving peatlands, and raising awareness of plastic pollution. Questions are also raised about how we handle wildlife - considering the coronavirus pandemic.

A rich diversity of striking visuals are showcased in Science Communication, showing SciArt inspired by cell biology, neuroscience and more. The stunning sights don't just end there, as in the Art section, ART SCIENCE COMPLEX (Julie Rauer and Bruce Gemmell) share their individual pieces along with descriptive reflections of their common vision.

Story telling doesn't end there, as in the Written Word section writers and poets share with us their pieces inspired by nature. Walking through nature during the lockdown, Jacob McAtear reflects on changed surroundings.

Contributors & sections


Hencher Lee,

Kerry McPherson

Suwan Jayasinghe


Benjamin Gearey

Tina Claffey

Phil Humphreys

Jazmin "Sunny" Murphy

Tim Snow

Science communication

Chiara Di Ponzio

Francesca Mircola

Kylie Dillinger

Kelly Bullock

Mojgan Matloob


Julie Rauer

Bruce Gemmell

Written word

Neus Figueras

Sam Illingworth

Jacob McAtear

Annelise Lords

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