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These artists' creations speak out about 2019's forest fires

Four creatives; three visual artists and a musician, share their perspectives on the Amazon Forest Fires and climate change concerns that have stunned communities across the planet.

Around 76,000 fires were burning across the Brazilian Amazon this year, an increase of over 80 percent over the same time period last year. Wildfires continue this season, currently affecting California, USA, and fires are expected to get worse through to December since Diablo Winds and Santa Ana winds will get stronger. Scientists largely agree wildfires are worsened by the onset of climate change.

A group of creatives speak out on the issue of wildfires and climate change. Here's who they are and what they had to say..

Sharon Cordeiro - artist

"Growing up with abuse, I wasn't allowed to express any opinions. Instead, I used art. Now, we are all victims of abuse and again no one listens. Especially the voiceless animals. So, I dedicate this to them, those who burn for our pleasure. May they use MY voice. My art."

Kirsty Heggie - musician

Kirsty Heggie is a singer song-writer from Scotland. In the above video Kirsty performs 'A fire in the forrest'. An excerpt of the lyrics from this piece are shown below:

"Under the restless waters the maiden cries alarmed

News of Patcha Mama has left the tribe disarmed

A fire in the forrest

And a smoke that eats the heart

The maiden sings her haunting song

And waits for the war to start

All the waters of the deep

Cannot ease the world above

Once I lured the men to their death

But now Im lured by love

Have you heard of the sea siren

Who drowns men with her breath

Well even a songstress sea maiden

Can sing herself to death.

I must go to depths of darkness

Where you cannot follow me

For I have seen such things

I fear no one would wish to see.

I can't perform my magic

Upon the solid ground..."

Elinor Clare Rowlands - artist and poet

Elinor Rowlands is founder and director of Magical Women, a project that seeks to unite professional women and ADHD artists to share their identity through the arts. Magical Women is based in Battersea Arts Centre. She is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates internal and external landscapes, autistic/ADHD identity and language and how non typical processing enhances creativity and chaos. She writes from an autistic/ADHD pen and tongue. She is also an arts writer for Disability Arts Online.

The raging fires of the east take with it all of the bees

The raging fires of the east take with it all of the bees

The sleepers can no longer snooze because the air is thick with disease

This disease of money

Branches of trees, hands to hold onto, they are burning to their stump, collected

As dreams from the BFG, yet without glass jars or bottles of magic glitz, instead,

Dazed eyes, as they can’t quite believe why this is happening.

A church on fire, its art and brick and mortar all reduced to black smoke, a billion of hard cash paper flung at it - the paper might miss, it might burn with it

But this rainforest, unwet, parched, strung out to die

Wailing and luminous

More flames, more heat, the angry rolling tongues of the young

Feast on found change, this metal will do nothing to change

The narrative.

Young people of today - what do they know? They stand at gates protesting

Nostril gnarling, they call for tomorrows where environment is how we’ll survive - you’re birthing babies - they won’t be elastic plastic in golden glass towers for much longer



When the world comes to an end.

Sighing, air breathing from,

My tongue that,

Their tongues that

Remain ignored, shut down

They’ve hidden the scissors

Our tongues wag

We go to speak

They are deaf to us

Our arms seek mercy, we seek stone.

We roam our bodies round trees, hugging them as if they’re our own.

We return to the ground restless, apologising. We are sorry.

Trees beating hearts, rhythm in their heads as they tell a different story, as they tell a different story

But it’s not heard by the reigning money

Paper flickerer

This money started out as trees once.

For they do not realise, they are burning their own money.

For they do not realise they are burning away their wealth.

Darkened days, days so dark, that they’ll be waiting for a light that will never return.

We are the lucky ones,

To know that there was something for us to recognise there is the opposite of nothing

This is us fighting it out, speaking out, being the light workers

But when our lights get dimmed,

When we are put out stamped out as the trees are

When the buzzing of the bees cease,

When all is trapped in the burnt ashes

There won’t be the young ones to do your fighting for you

For they warned you of this growing darkness

Saw it seeping from the clouds

You were greedy thinking you were here forever

For another dawn, for another day.

You were wrong.

C Nature Art - artist

The above artwork is titled 'Drowning time', representing the time pressure we are under in the face of climate change, that triggers catastrophic environmental events such as that of the wildfires.