Intuition - what is it, and can we trust it?

Intuition can be felt instinctively by some, though it is a mysterious word which can create a feeling of unease in the scientific world. But what if intuition can be trusted, even in science?

The word 'intuition' brings about an air of mystery to our minds, with the online Oxford Dictionary definition –

"The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

‘We shall allow our intuition to guide us'

'They had no firm evidence, but every ounce of their intuition and common sense told them it was a stupid thing to do.'”

While it seems to lack conscious reasoning, it seems that intuition should be counter-productive to scientific thought. While intuition, in itself, can barely be quantified, it is not surprising that there have been few studies that have proven the benefits of intuition, or even whether it exists.