NatureVolve's digital-magazine announces open call for art submissions inspired by nature and sc

NatureVolve digital magazine is open for art submissions for the digital magazine’s online gallery section. Read on to find out further information, and how to apply.

The first issue of NatureVolve digital magazine is on its way! Thank you so much to those who have shown their interest and support so far, and to those who have enquired about contributing to the digital magazine. It is really exciting to see the great variety of topics that will be featured in the upcoming issues.

We will be having a section of the digital magazine presented as an online art gallery - presenting artwork, along with a short introduction to the art piece, and the artist.

Instead of featuring artwork along with a journalistic article, this section solely displays the art pieces, along with brief summaries about the artists.

***How to enter***

If you are an artist and you would like to submit your artwork for an upcoming issue of NatureVolve, please subscribe here. Once you receive a confirmation email, you will receive information on how to apply. You will also receive free copies of the digital magazine by email.



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