Searching for endemic plants across Oman's central desert, for Oman Botanic Garden

At the end of January 2017, the "Anglo" team returned from the Middle East to their home countries - the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. After an intensive 20 days of traversing Oman's central desert and conducting botanical field work, the team retuned to the UK with a feeling of achievement.

Having collected extensive quadrant data in remote regions of the central desert, it is now time to find out what the data could mean for this Oman's climate and environment.

The team had completed the data collection stage for the Oman Botanic Expedition; a project set out by the Oman Botanic Garden (OBG), sponsored by the Anglo-Omani Society, to map the distribution of seven key plant species in unstudied, remote regions of the central desert.

It is thought by researchers, that some of these species can indicate which parts of the central desert are dominated by tropical, humid air masses, and which are more arid. This intercollation of air systems is what has brought a unique ecology to Oman and its surrounding countries.

Ecological richness is clear when experiencing the "cloud forest" of Dhofar, teaming with diverse insects, birds and reptiles, that seem like they belong in the rainforest. This lush setting contrasts with the baron sand