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Creative membership:
Artistically share nature's fascinations with the world

Art has long had a big gap with science, with its own restrictions and barriers of entry within the industry. Yet, art supplements science to help us understand and build an appreciation of the planet - vital while facing the climate crisis and global health issues.

That's why at NatureVolve our community of artists and researchers unite to communicate valuable ideas about nature and our place on the planet to the world. Members contribute to NatureVolve digital magazine by sharing their personal stories, inspirations and insights.


Through the creativity of the arts, we make knowledge open, understandable and engaging with diverse worldwide audiences. Membership is invite-only for those who are in scope to contribute. Members have opportunities to present projects to NatureVolve's global audience for three months. Magazine publication is in month three, and before then, members receive editorial guidance, social media announcements and a blog story.

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How to join

Creatives illustrating key aspects about the natural world or our place on the planet that align with the themes of our issues are welcomed. If you have been invited to contribute to NatureVolve with a story about your particular art project, you qualify to sign up right away for Creative Membership.

This gets the process started for the creation of your story by the upcoming content deadline and secures your place in the publication plan.

Benefits include:

  • Be a part of our unique science-art community.

  • All publication costs covered.

  • Be the first to get exclusive updates.

  • Editorial guidance.

  • Blog and social media opportunities.

  • Permanent profile and links on NatureVolve site.

  • Access archive of all previous NatureVolve issues.

  • Creative membership

    Every month
    Recommended for individual creatives
    • Engagement opportunities and editorial assistance
    • Access to competitions for awards and commissions
    • Full access to NatureVolve Magazine's digital archive
    • Access members-only area and exclusive content

Membership fees are kept affordable so we can make NatureVolve easily accessible.

As an independent creative community, we fully rely on these for covering the costs of our editorial, design, publication and distribution costs, as well as keeping NatureVolve digital magazine open-access.

Artist interview
Conceptual art
Photography interview
Novel in NatureVolve
Leslie Holt NeuroBlooms Art NatureVolve

Leslie Holt NeuroBlooms Art published in the Scicomm section of NatureVolve

What contributors have said

Kerry McPherson


"NatureVolve is a wonderful online magazine that allows scientists the opportunity to communicate with creativity. I highly recommend that others work with NatureVolve to promote their science and ideas, it's fun and easy!" 

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Have any questions about the editorial process or membership?


Haven't been invited to contribute and wonder if you qualify?

Contact our Editor for any questions by email:



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