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We are pleased to announce the release of NatureVolve issue 6 - sharing the ideas of researchers and creatives inspired by nature. This is the first NatureVolve issue now available in both digital and print form! How to access the Highlights A free version of the issue (Highlights) is available at and for online reading on Issuu. Access the full issue To read more content and access the complete version, issue 6 in full is available for download online and in print (in the UK, USA and beyond). There is also the option to access the full issue, as all future issues, by join one-time as a lifetime member! What is in store With current global issues in mind, we take a

UK COVID-19 lockdown changes: How R is changing

We should be watching the R value from Monday 15 June. There is concern over rises in the Reproductive Number "R" once some lockdown restrictions are lifted, particularly the most vulnerable people in care homes may be impacted. However, according to one simple model there is some comfort, in that R may not need to be below 1.0 in order for infections to decline, we may have some scope to allow it to rise another 10% -due to the "herd immunity" effect. Here, we Use a simple Excel based method* to match two sets of data: Hospital deaths excluding those of care home residents Care home resident’s deaths (occurring in care home as well as hospital etc) Also, from end May onwards, prediction of


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