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About (Q & A)


NatureVolve science art magazine was created to act as a platform for scientific researchers to communicate their research to broader audiences, and for creative thinkers to share their ideas. 

This is through an online digital magazine, and an online blog. In the future, we have plans for the magazine to be released to the UK in print. 


We believe that combining scientific thought with artistic expression can generate effective engagement with  public audiences. We also believe there is a growing need for science and art to rekindle the harmonious relationship that was once seen during the early age of the Enlightenment. We would like to show that artists and scientists can support each other, and engage with the world while working in unison. 

By sharing understandable scientific stories with the general public, and inspiring art, we hope that wider audiences can enjoy finding new ways of appreciating the natural world. 


NatureVolve was founded in London, in the United Kingdom. However, our network and community  is international, including researchers and artists from all corners of the globe.

How can I be involved?

You and/or your institution can sign up for free copies of the digital magazine if you subscribe.

If you are a researcher, creative thinker, or an artist, and would like to have your work featured and promoted, please register your interest.

All articles involve a short interview, which is included within our own written article based on the information you provide us. 

What's included in NatureVolve magazine

The NatureVolve digital magazine uniquely combines science and art to engage new ideas with an adult educated audience, promoting the valuable work of researchers and artists. We present articles about scientific research in understandable and visually engaging ways, and showcase the work of artists inspired by nature.

Featuring scientific research

The work and stories of scientific researchers are shared through written articles, which commonly involve a short interview with the researcher. Our topics cover all STEM subjects, and in some cases, extends to research in the arts and humanities which have overlaps with science.  

Featuring art - illustration/fine art

One or more works of art by artists inspired by nature are showcased in one of the following formats:

  • Art gallery

  • Comic strips

  • Special feature

Featuring art - literature

We feature creative writing on topics inspired by nature, in the following formats:

  • Poetry

  • Short stories (fiction)

  • Thought notes (non-fiction/philosophy)

How to join and submit content

To submit work, please subscribe, and you will then be able to join the community, by receiving free copies of the digital magazine, keeping update with the project, and finding out how to submit work in our subscription confirmation email. 


Creating a science-art community

Here, we aim to enable a community inspired by nature to come together, to share their insights and creations, whether they be scientific researchers, or artists. 

For those featured, and for our readers, a common interest in nature brings us together.

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